Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Earn Money Online With a Website or Blog

If you are looking to have an extra Income or even looking to have a serious income you can always look forward to the internet. Internet is one of the Best available sources to generate some guaranteed extra income for sure.

How to Earn Money Online?

There are Different ways of Earning Money Online. We will Discuss here a simple but the most effective and long lasting Income generating source. That is Earning Money Online through a website for a Blog. I say it’s the most stable because as long as you have your domain and webspace , you will keep generating income if you get some traffic even if you dont work for some months.

How to get Started?

It’s Easy to get started. If you are planning for a website you need to own a domain and a webspace. If you are looking forward for a blog you can have it hosted in Blogspot , but I must say you need to have a Domain for must. A domain Costs less than $10(400 INR) and webspace costs depends upon the amount of space and bandwidth.

Where to Get Domain From?

When it comes to Domain. The Number one Choice Would be Godaddy.com. You need to Own a credit card to buy domain online our you can use a Paypal account to buy domains. A Top level TLD( .com, .net , .org) etc costs nearly $10 dollars to the maximum which is quite less considering the fact that you will be earning 10 times the investment. If you are Looking for Indian Domain Resellers I suggest Spritehost( If you know good Domain hosts Contact me, n I’ll Surely Write a review for your Domain Hosting).

Where to Get Webspace from?

This i feel is the most complicated question i need to tackle. Since ive been buying and changing webspaces all the time, i Suggest you to find a good host first itself. Once you website grows its hard to move the data as it can lead to severe website downtimes. I must say even if you spend some amount Initially in webspace get the best webspace.
I use Servage and i feel it’s great for anyone with a whooping 360GB space Online and 3600 GB of Online bandwidth and Unlimited domain hosting for about $6.45 a month.
(Contact me if you are webspace Provider and want to get listed in this Page).

Now What Next?

Once you have your domain and webspace.The next step is definitely building the site. You need to choose on a Niche for your website. Remember if you are trying to have a general blog you can even use your Name but if you are trying to be choosing i suggest your Domain should have the keyword. Start building your pages. If a website you can use many Content Management Systems or Portal Systems( both in one way means the same). Once you have Build some good quality content and Pages you may now consider of Monitzing your Blog/Website.

How to Monitize My Website?

This is the Most simplest Question I can Answer. The First and the Ultimate tool to Monetize websites is to use Google Adsense and place you Ad’s in your website/Blog.